Universal Model-Trimmer Shield
Mounting Instructions

Step 1.  Assemble your model-trimmer shield following the model trimmer shield assembly instructions.

Step 2. Locate your model-trimmer below and read its complete set of instructions before proceeding. 

Emesco (55)      Toothmaster (100-FC)        Torit (all models)       Wehmer *

* Must drill extra 1/4 inch hole in bracket 

Attachment Method:

Bolts to the back of the trimmer with the existing screws, wing nuts, or knobs. 


1. Remove both upper housing closure screws (might be knobs or wing nuts on some trimmers) from back. 

2. Place aluminum bracket against back of trimmer so that the pre-drilled hole and slot align with existing bolt holes or screw posts. 

3. Replace screws (knobs or wing nuts) and tighten. 


  Buffalo   Darby      Emesco (50)      Great Lakes      Handler      Price   
  Ray Foster  Spencer-Mead 

Attachment Method: 

Affixes with double sided adhesive foam pads (enclosed) to back of the trimmer. 


1. Clean upper back half of trimmer with monomer or acetone to remove grease and plaster. 

2. Lay a 9 inch strip of masking tape along the lower border of back of bracket (no-hinge side) so that half its width goes beyond the border. 


1. Position bracket against back of trimmer with plastic shield centered over work-platform and lower right comer of hinge touching the edge of model trimmer. (See figure on left, circled area.) 

2. Hold bracket steady and press the overlapping tape firmly against trimmer. The tape will act as a temporary hinge and maintain the position. 

3. Carefully rotate entire assembly backwards without dislodging Spencer-Mead the masking tape. 

4. Stick the four adhesive pads to back of trimmer above tape.  DO NOT remove protective cover paper from other adhesive side of pads.

5. Make trial placement by rotating assembly UPWARD and FORWARD until bracket touches adhesive pads. If the position is accurate, remove protective paper and repeat UPWARD and FORWARD rotation.

6. Press bracket against trimmer at pad locations to assure strong adhesion and then remove tape.

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